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Bank Nifty Options Tips

It’s time to be a pro at Bank nifty options trading!

We, at Moksha Stocks, are the investment advisory services registered with SEBI, offering tips and recommendations to the traders and investors in India for Bank Nifty. We take pride in serving the customers who come to us by giving valuable advice.

Features of the Bank Nifty options

  • Provide 1 to 2 calls every day
  • Every call will have buy above and sell below options
  • Profit and loss of the trade is calculated per slot
  • The minimum amount required is 10000/- with a margin
  • Recommend various trading options in NIFTY futures
  • Tips are provided through SMS after doing extensive technical research on the market
  • Advise during market hours and let traders and investors know the market price
  • Live market tips are provided with proper SL and target
  • Perfect entry and exit no matter whatsoever may be the condition of the market
  • Help you make huge profits
  • Mention the lot to buy and sell for the investors and traders through call
  • Perform a thorough technical analysis of the bank nifty

Every customer who availed our service has earned huge profits. We are backed by the market research team that will thoroughly analyze the market and offer you the best intraday tips and Bank Nifty options. We have listed our tips by considering the market factors such as economy, politics, corporate moves, political actions, disasters, etc.

Our team of research analysts will keep the finger on the pulse to learn about the fluctuations in the market from time to time to answer the customer queries. The tips are offered through SMS to make sure that the customers get the prompt advice that they can use to make huge money by investing at the right time and the right stock. Our advisors are available for you all the time to give valuable suggestions. The advisors we have in our team have extensive knowledge of the market. They stay up-to-date on the market news.

We offer you the best Bank Nifty tips during market hours by thoroughly analyzing the market conditions, and the movement took by the global market index. The understanding of the market and investing in the options regularly will make a trader attain success. Our intraday tips help traders to keep over-night risks at bay. Our advice for Bank Nifty is made based on the market interest of the trader, capital, and requirement.

Our research team will do quantitative research to provide profitable bank nifty tips. We have gained expertise in various aspects of the market and stood as the best bank nifty tips providers.

Bank Nifty will have 12 liquid and large capitalized stocks related to the banking industry listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange)

What exactly Bank Nifty Option is all about?

The Bank Nifty option is the right of a person but not the obligation to buy or sell the stock or something. It is a contract that is executed between two parties where the buyer gets the privilege for the stock to which he paid the premium, and the seller will agree to the obligation for which the premium fee is received. The privilege can be utilized to buy (call) or sell (put) the stock at the set price within a specific period. The Bank Nifty options are a derivative tool that can be used to hedge the banks operating in the Indian market. Based on the bank movement, the buyer can make a call to buy the stock. You can invest when the market is bullish and sell when the market is bearish.

Bank Nifty options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Yearly

The Bank Nifty options that you get with Bank Nifty are contractual between the buyer and the seller. The contracts are settled through cash. The nifty bank contract will last for three months. With the expiry of the near month contract, another far month contract is used. There are seven weekly expiring contracts. With the expiry of the near week, a new serial week contract would be added. The expiry date of the weekly contract is on Thursday. If Thursday is a holiday, the contract will expire the prior day. The monthly contract of Nifty bank options will expire on the last Thursday of the month, and if last Thursday is a holiday, the contract expires on a preceding day.

We offer Bank Nifty tips to the option traders who like to trade on Bank Nifty. Bank Nifty has private and public sector banks. One must understand the movement of government banks.

The public banks are considered bullish and government banks as bearish.

  • Essential points for bank nifty
  • Bank Nifty has monthly expiry and weekly expiry
  • Focus while buying and selling options
  • Huge impact due to the changes in the financial and banking sector
  • Boost the public sector banks’ value when the government offers any relief
  • 20 is the Lot size of Bank Nifty
  • Trade with an equal amount in every recommendation
  • Ensure to keep stop loss in all the trades you are carrying out
  • Trade only on the advice you receive from us through SMS
  • Follow the recommendations that are given by our experts
  • Do not keep the position for a long time without our recommendations

Feel free to call us for any advice on Bank Nifty Options!