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Option Trading Tips

Moksha Stocks: Best option to choose for Option trading tips!

Options trading allows you to sell or buy ETFs, stocks, etc. within a specific date at a particular price. It also gives buyers the flexibility to not buy the security at the specified date or price. At Moksha Stocks, we offer you the best and reliable option trading tips that help the investors and traders to attain hefty profits in a short time. We have a team of trading professionals who offer their valuable guidance to the investors.

It is not possible for everyone to have knowledge of the complete functionality of the stock market, especially when it comes to newbies. It is not really tough as it is assumed by the people who want to take a plunge into the world of trading.

Our investment advisory services provide you with assistance to attain high profits despite uncertainties in the stock market.

  • Features of our Option trading tips
  • Total recommendations would range from 15 to 18 months
  • Accuracy of recommendation is 70%
  • Open only 2 positions simultaneously
  • Enough time is given for the entry
  • Follow up with the best advice from the entry to exit
  • Daily updates are provided
  • Daily updates regarding the world’s economic data are provided
  • We make 2 to 3 sure shot calls
  • Every call has buy above and sell below levels
  • We provide one options trading tip each day
  • Offer NIFTY Review
  • Offer support on mobile or through SMS

We provide accurate and research-based option calls that are provided by our researchers and experienced market analysts.

What makes option trading a unique choice for traders?

Futures and options are the best way to reduce risk and improve returns in the long run. With the right set of calls and put options, you can increase the returns that you can earn for the same amount of risk.

We help you understand and gain in-depth knowledge of the stock market. The share market is the place where the companies will put their shares for the people or firms for purchase. When you buy the stocks, you become fractional ownership of the organization. You also will be part of the profits that are made by the company. The enticing profit percentage earned by the investors would compel many to join the stock market.

We offer you the best advisory services that help you to make a wise decision to invest in the best investment option.

We have imparted knowledge and Option trading tips to the investors and traders. You can seek our advice for the best intraday stock option tips. Ignoring to follow the tips would put your investment at risk. When you take a plunge without the help of experts would lead to undesirable results that are tough to sort out in the future.

Option trading tips will give confidence for the buyers to buy not at the specified price or date. The right to sell the security is known as ‘Put Option,’ and the right to buy is known as ‘Call Option.’ Options enable you to earn profits with the change in the share price. Traders can have complete control over the shares without buying them immediately. We help in making huge profits in options with our valuable tips. Our analysts hold ample experience in offering tips that have low risk and high profits.

Call option

Call option is a kind of derivative contract which involves two parties. The buyer who is part of the call option can exercise the option and buy the asset at a particular time and a specific rate. If the share of a firm is sold at 280/- and the trader entering the call option can buy the share at 283/- irrespective of the current stock price in the market. The trader can buy the stock until the expiry of the contract. Even if the price of the stock surges to 300/-, the buyer can buy the share at 283/- until the expiry of the call option.

Put option

Put option is a contract wherein the buyer can sell the financial instruments at a particular price during the contract duration. The owner would fix the sale price for the stock. Even if the price of the security goes down below the strike price before the expiry date, the buyer can sell the stock at the strike price set by him. It avoids him/her from falling into losses due to the fall of security value. For instance, the buyer has taken the put option and set the share value of 180 where the current share value of the company is 185, if the share value of the company goes down to 170, the buyer can sell the share at 180 and earn profits.

Our Option trading tips

If you are new to the world of trading, our experts have compiled a few tips. These include:

  • Be cautious of the time period without which you would be under pressure
  • Look for stocks that have high volume and liquidity
  • Purchase volatile stocks
  • Take the help of experts
  • Pay attention to the risk factor
  • Do not go for the product that you do not understand

Feel free to contact us; we are available for you all the time to help you earn profits and put a cap on the potential risks ad losses.