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Premium Commodity Tips

Daily 1-2 calls will be given from MCX Bullion , Base Metal & Energy.

Required min investment of Rs 10,00,000/- to trade in this pack.

Expected Returns min Rs 5,00,000/- Per month.

We assure you 95-98% accuracy.

Stop Loss: Targets Ratio is 1:4 & More.

We design Money-Risk management to each client according to their portfolio.

Calls will be given based on Price action analysis, Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

Live market tips given via Messenger & sms on Mobile-Android App.

One-to-One Dedicated Personal Support will be given to each Customer via Phone Call & WhatsApp.


Sample of calls 

Entry : MCX Gold buy above 31000 SL 30900 Targets 31300-31600.

Update : MCX Gold TGT1-31150 Done , Book profit or modify SL@Cost for NEXT TGT-31300.

Update : MCX Gold both TGT-31300 Done , Book full profit.

HNI Premium Commodity Pack

1 MONTH : 50000

HNI Premium Commodity Pack

3 MONTH : 120000

HNI Premium Commodity Pack

6 MONTH : 20000

HNI Premium Commodity Pack

12 MONTH : 300000